How To Get speeches and preaching

There is a gift to speak in front of crowds to share products and services?

recently wrote a book, and I want you in the story?


• Preacher (who try to give their feet wet)

• teacher

• Inspiring or even a motivator that is interested, how to make speeches to talk about conferences, workshops, seminars, and other functions.

speakers bureaus now a days is so expensive and yet it is so competitive. Although it may have a dynamic, perhaps fearful informative speaker; not so at the moment the funds to pursue a career in full force. Do not throw in the towel, because there is still hope for you!

Here are some tips to help you on your way

1. Search the Internet for keywords Free Speaking Organizations

2. Talk for free in order to gain the experience and oh, so make sure you videotape the function

Check 3: Christian speakers Association, Free speaker Bureau, US Bureau of Motivational speakers and Toastmasters area.

4. Ask your interest organizations and explain to them how to use their organization to come speak.

can not afford to shy or quiet in this business, because as the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets is that the oil!

Furthermore, if you want different results, it is only mediocre, you'll have to do something different. (Stand up) to get the results you desire!

I hope it will help you become a successful speaker of the journey!

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There is a short or long Engagement right?

The average American bride is a commitment around a year. For many couples, this minimum time necessary to pull together dream wedding, while the other pair, the idea of ​​waiting for one or more years married seems mad. So which one is better in the end, both short and long-term commitment?

This has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start by looking at the traditional long commitment. About a year is fairly typical, although in some areas, even a two-year commitment will be quite general. This is not true in all other countries, by the way; Bride Russia, for example, usually get married very soon after getting engaged.

The main advantage of a long commitment that will allow the bride and her family plenty of time to plan the wedding. A popular venue availability is one of the main reasons that couples long engagements. If you decide to got engaged this summer, the chances are that you would have to wait a year or two we can open date one of the best places in the reception area.

Further design time can be additional benefits. This allows enough time for the bride to shop for the perfect dream wedding dress and veil, tiara, jewelery and finish the look. It also ensures enough time to get things tailored to the wedding as a bridesmaid gifts, invitations or bedding. One huge advantage to having a longer lead time, it also allows the couple and their families time to save up money for all these things, and to shop around to find the best values ​​for items such as wedding favors and personalized bridesmaid gifts.

long commitment to provide some additional benefits. If the family was scattered far away, you can send your save-the-date cards to relatives to book their travel arrangements. For those who are social butterflies, long pre-wedding period will give you time to enjoy the engagements, bridal showers and bachelor / bachelorette trips that are part of the fun. There are some practical considerations, it will be time to deal with as well as toning your arms to look in a strapless wedding dress or grow out your bangs the perfect wedding day hairstyle.

The biggest downside to a long engagement is perhaps one of the reasons why some couples prefer a short one. Everything about the design and the long delays can take away the romance and excitement that you feel when you first become involved. Some couples, the wedding planning process is so stressful that by the time the day of the wedding rolls around, they are questioning whether or not to go through with it yet! If you and your fiance type of spontaneous, passionate, commitment and fast trip to Vegas, or city courthouse may be more your style.

There are other reasons why a short engagement can be the right choice. Of course, it is preferable that the brides 'family way', and hopes to make the trip down the hall ahead of the one that is in the delivery room. The other reason is that the weddings that are pulled together quickly tend to be smaller, more intimate affairs, which is to the liking of many brides and grooms. One of the biggest drawbacks to a short engagement is quite obvious: it may be difficult to get the wedding pulled together in a shorter than average lead time, and you may be forced to compromise your dream wedding. Another serious disadvantage, however, is possible; a short part of a commitment to a whirlwind romance, you may find yourself rushing down the corridor to a virtual stranger.

Both long and short engagements have the potential advantages and some disadvantages. As long as you did not think through the consequences of a chosen course of action over another, it should be fine. After all, the engagement and wedding planning process is a very personal and individual experience for each couple; as long as they both on the same page, you can be sure that you have made the perfect decision for his own life.

Source by Laura Firenze

My husband's not sure of the marriage, so I'm not sure how to act around him – Tips to help

Sometimes I hear people who feel as if you have to walk on eggshells around unhappy and insecure spouse . Often, the spouse admitted that he is no longer sure of the marriage. Many times the legal separation or divorce has been proposed.

I heard a wife who said, in part:. "My husband said last week that he is no longer sure he wants to marry me, she finally agreed not to seek a separation or divorce at least for a few months. so I know that there are at least a little time to turn around this. But I feel uncomfortable, or if I am the spouse audition or something. I feel just a little time to win my husband and I feel this myself, as if I act as if you're like me, a happy face when you really don & # 39;. t feel like a friend of mine says that I can only be myself because my real me who my husband to be in love. But I do not think that involves, of course, will work. because it has been associated course of the last few years, and clearly, this does not make me happy. So how should we do about a spouse who is not sure about the marriage? "I will try to address these concerns in the next article.

The behavior and action is every bit as important as what you may already think: I know it's not funny to feel when under the microscope. But my wife in this scenario can legitimately assume that the date of his behavior. Because if the spouse is not proof of marriage, they think they will be closely watching both you and your marriage to help them evaluate the next course of action.

I know that this can make you feel very uncomfortable. But if you look on the bright side, you will see that this is an opportunity to show your spouse exactly and precisely who and what you want them to see. And as a result, this gives the opportunity to the result that you want. So, now let's talk showed him the woman, who is likely to make him once again that his marriage.

who is not her husband most like to see Oder feel better course of her marriage? Many wives tell me that at this point there is no idea of ​​who (or what) their husbands will. Comments made such things as: "I do not know who wants to be I am a wife and mother, and I try to be considerate and exciting as it may be the reality is that we have a lot of commitments and while I'm doing.. the best that I can, I will not be so hot, young women met for the first time. "

understand these frustrations. And many wives have their own assumption that her husband wants to turn back the clock and wants to see how naive young woman who first turned her head. But here's the better news. You are probably closer to the younger and more carefree version of yourself than you think. I am convinced that it is likely that it is not changed. This fact that is. There is more responsibility on his shoulders, and more people depend on. And as a result, it's more difficult to be so optimistic and so happy go lucky. But I promise you that it is not impossible that the framework of what they had to attract a husband back to you. I'll discuss how to do that now.

Shine A Light On, we already know that she likes Let's face the facts. The history of your husband probably means that you know that his personal sympathy. In short, what makes him tick, even when it comes to yourself. Most people understand intellectually that people are attracted to other people who make you feel comfortable and their lives. For this purpose, you do not want to walk around like we lost him, and marriage (or if you fear that you might.)

I want to be confident and optimistic. Do you want to enjoy this time to discover each other again. We want to be a player as you can be. I know now what I may appear to be quite difficult. But to the extent that you can, try not to allow fear to drive. It is better if out of control, rather than the fear of being out of control. Try not to see this as an audition of sorts. Instead, they see it as a way to show your husband your best self. In short, you need to who you really are, if you are not stressed or scared.

In order to do this, you may need to look at your lifestyle and work load in order to make changes that allow it. Not a perfect house almost as important as a healthy and fulfilling marriage, but so many people put off marriage (thinking that we will always be there), and focus on the chores or what to do instead. This is very common, but it is destructive and can be changed. See this opportunity to revive the marriage you deserve.

So to answer the question, it involves a positive and optimistic as you are surrounded by a spouse who is not sure of the marriage. Not only that reconciliation is more likely, but that the situation is much more manageable.

Source by Leslie Cane

Greek Engagement and Wedding Traditions and Culture

Greek weddings combined represented an unforgettable part of the rites of the Greek culture. The Greek wedding traditions heavily immersed in the joy, excitement and deep symbolism. The Greeks believe a lot of traditions and superstitions, and these phenomena are glaringly demonstrated the opportunities for engagement and wedding.

According to Greek mythology, Cecrops, the legendary ruler of Athens, who is half-human and half-serpent, created the institution of marriage in Greece. Before the reign of the Athenians lived with him. The marriage was stormy motives of a political coalition between the royal family, and that marriage would demonstrate the creation of the next generation of children.

Greek society, a commitment to the cause of great celebration. The potential husband will visit the bride's father and ask for her hand. When the bride-to-be approval of the family, the date set out in the commitment. The relatives and close friends of both families are invited to the engagement.

Traditionally, the couple will participate in the exchange of rings in the presence of family and close friends. The priest blesses the couple's engagement rings. The bride and groom then placed the blessed rings on the left ring finger. The guests we want to show them many blessings.

This is followed by a great feast. The commitment to believe that mandatory, such as weddings. The Greek Orthodox, it is mandatory for a newly engaged couple to visit the priest three times before he gave his consent to perform the marriage ceremony. The wedding couples must not be performed during certain days of the year. It covers the first half of August, forty days and forty days before Christmas, Ester. The Greek Orthodox Church considers these dates to incapacity.

After the assignment, the first thing done is to take the Koumbaros. He is the witness to the marriage and a lot of spiritual and material responsibility. Koumbaros It is important that the people of the reputation of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Greek weddings usually take place on Sunday. The Wednesday before the wedding, the ritual takes place "from the leaven." The couple sieve flour and relatives to observe the silence. If there is enough flour to the visitors throw coins on the screen, and you want the bride and groom luck. On Friday before the wedding, there is another ceremony "Filling Sack. This is a time when the bride fills the bags of all things and the visitors throw coins into them. Bride's mother is the first to put the collections he amassed over the years daughter bags . Meanwhile, the groom meets with friends and relatives, offering them drinks and an official invitation to the marriage.

given by the houseware girl's mother used a custom names Nyphostoli, local women volunteers to furnish their first home young.

the wedding
initiated wedding procession takes place in the groom's house, where the wedding flag is raised. the flag bearer leads the priest, the groom and the guests at the bride's home. the bride's mother offers him wine, and when he drank, then the Koumbaro leads the wedding party to the church.

the bride wears a red veil, which symbolizes fire to protect him from evil. He is also a sugar cube with him to ensure a sweet future.

betrothal ceremony begins with the priest blesses the rings and reciting biblical section. Then the Koumbaro exchanged between the couple rings three fingers. This means that the gaps must be compensated by the other one. The bride and groom will also receive a pair of lit candles, symbolizing the eternal light of Jesus Christ.

Crowing of the most famous of the Greek wedding. The priest takes two crowns and decorated with a pair of Stefana placed on their heads. Koumbaro then ask the couple to the first step and walk around the altar three times that of the rest of the Bible and cross.

At the end of the ceremony, the priest offers a blessing to the young couple. The couple then goes to the groom's house, where the flag rise again, and the bride throws the roof of a small piece of iron as a symbol of the power of new life. Traditionally, the bride's parents plan and pay for the reception.

The traditional Greek wedding dress, the bride is usually white dress with a long train, the traditional black suit and bow tie for the groom. The Greek wedding dresses a picture of elegance, simplicity and high quality. These clothes are easy to identify the unique cut of the wedding dress, which preserves a woman's femininity.

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Attitude of an immature Marriage


Marriage, a real relationship, in fact, much more complicated than I first thought when I first got married. Most couples get married without knowing of marriage, only the example that parents set.

And in truth, the parents never sat us down and explained the subtleties of a successful marriage – mostly because it succeeds or not, I do not know why. So, thinking about getting married, "I love her. She loves me. That's enough."

Love is great. But this does not guarantee a good marriage. In fact, if you think about it, they argue and fight the most of the people you say you love the most.

You see, we sorta grew up spoiled. We learned really quickly that what was at the center of other people's lives. The grave cause infants to adults to come scampering us gifts at Christmas does not matter how good or bad we were, in the past year. We clothed, sheltered, fed and spoiled to some degree. As teenagers, we learned that our parents were like ATM machines … and do not even have to pay a transaction fee!

The truth is, almost all of them grew up without having to think of the needs of the parents. The parents were self-sufficient. You do not have the time of our lives to pander to their needs. In fact, they pander to our needs. And we got used to that.

Then his wife. We get married, not mother or father, but someone who is equally spoiled and selfish as we are. This is a recipe for disaster. As a result, at the end in the immature attitude of our marriage. Attitude, that does not necessarily grow up.

Here is the list of the immature attitude of a marriage. You will find that at least some of them no doubt.

  1. "I have my rights!" or "That's not fair!"
  2. "If this fails, you can just get a divorce."
  3. "Marriage is a 50-50 statement."
  4. "I did not grow up like that!" or "this is not the mother or father did."
  5. "You have to have a life that is different from my marriage."
  6. "This is not my problem. I deal with it!"
  7. "You always …" or "You never …"
  8. "This is mine!"
  9. "You do not have to listen to this!" or "Do not tell me what to do!"
  10. "This is your fault!"

The ten attitudes are signs of an immature marriage. If you have some of these, they show the error of thinking with regard to marriage. It's actually very common that at least some of these immature attitude. After all, it's not like if you went to a four-year college degree and a marriage. No, most of us jumped into a marriage she did not know much about it.

We will take all attitude one by one, and I'll show you the error of thinking process and what to do to correct it.

IMMATURE SITUATION – "are my rights!" or "It's not fair!"

This attitude shows a fundamental flaw in the marriage of vision or idea of ​​what marriage should be. When you get married, the very act this way meant giving up the right "to privacy." "My Rights" or "your rights" should be

can not our rights! "

marriage unity of two people, and all that they are. As long as you hold selfish, that" the law "can not achieve the real goal of marriage, the unity of a man and a woman.

Imagine if both parties to the marriage are focused uplifting and promote marriage rather than themselves. most of the problems would disappear for such marriages. I mean, let's be honest, the main reason for all our arguments arrogance and selfishness.

Striving seeing the relationship as a whole, but two separate parts is Else, the relationship is not marriage is a partnership and you do not need a mate to have a roommate

IMMATURE POSITION -.. "If it does not work, we just become. "

This attitude is incredibly naive. This suggests that there is no commitment, no purpose, that marriage is not his own gratification. Marriage to more than other relationships. Do you need a level of commitment you're not willing to any other human on this planet.

marriage requires burning desire to work through any problem, overcome any obstacle and overcome any trial. If you are hoping that marriage will be forever happiness, you are sadly mistaken. Every marriage struggles, and this is a fight that binds us closer to each other, pushing us beyond our own selves, it forces us to reevaluate priorities, and focuses us the true riches of life.

without these struggles you just depth and little understanding of what a deep relationship really is. Learn to stick without a two-dimensional personalities are tied things up. Difficulties to come. you will undoubtedly hurt at some point or another … but if not for the strength to overcome it, you will never experience the incredible joy, a deep and lasting relationship.

Look, you always hurt the most people is what I like the most. That's just the way it is. If you love the person you married, then he will certainly hurt you at some point. Glue it. That the storm, so there may be joy and happiness claims you are looking for.

The people who bounce marriage, marriage will never understand it. They use divorce as an escape because they can not deal with the difficulties.

IMMATURE SITUATION: "Marriage is a 50-50 statement."

Marriage has never offer 50 -50. To slap a lease agreement or a signed contract. Marriage is not a business. This is a lifetime commitment. If you only intend to put 50% of his contact, then I can guarantee that you will not succeed.

we do not want to just 50% of your spouse's love, right? You want to be 100%. If both are 100% marriage, it is not going to have problems. When I got married, he basically promised to himself in the heart, the soul and the knowledge that the person is married.

Even when the problems, it would be wise if you just automatically assume at least 60% of the blame. The reason is simple. The idea that we are 50% to blame and your spouse can be very different. If you are willing to go beyond what is your opinion, you have the responsibility to set the foundations for a real solution to the problem.

Do not get caught up in this game, "Okay, I'm going to do that." Or, "I always things for you, when are you going to do something?" These children are not profitable games.

When a marriage, a mature marriage is one where you give all of who you are.

IMMATURE SITUATION ". This is not the mother or father did!" "Not so grow up" or

One problem is that when you get married, that most of the parents' marriage only as a guide on your own. We get used to things a certain way just because that's the way we grew up.

Do not demand that your spouse react as the father or the mother is not a marriage. You need to have a totally unique ID anyway-on that reflects the harmonious unity of the individual's personality.

Can be used to the food cooked in a certain way. Do not put the spouse cook like Mom did. This is absurd.

One thing to keep in mind that parents have spent years searching and storing thing that you have. Do not expect that all of that in the first year of marriage.

Do not hold your spouse or unrealistic expectations. If your father was an 8 in a particular area, but only a 4-husband, you may be disappointed. Do not compare. Give your husband a chance to mature and grow.

IMMATURE SITUATION: "You have to have a life that is different from my marriage."

This is a very dangerous attitude to marriage. Typically, men who feel that they need it more than women. But anyway, having a life outside of marriage disastrous marriage.

Boys 'night workers' parties, and other activities to exclude the co spawn a deep level of mistrust and unrest within marriage. The fact that this is a policy, if I can not contain my wife something, I will not attend. Often the wife does not want to participate, but to know that I did not deliberately exclude him what I was looking for.

This means that you can not do anything without your spouse? I do not like to play golf and a lot of other sports. My wife is not the type of sport. Rarely go together, when I go to play golf, basketball or baseball. Still, if you want to come, I'm glad to have him. Do not tell her she can not come.

This is what I'm driving at. Do exile society a part of your life. That breeds mistrust and suspicion.

Another danger creative spirit island that only goes. This is often the issues of marriage and mentally escape from going to the place in your mind and life, that your partner can not come.

This may be a fantasy world where mentally fantasize about other men or women, or dream of a world where your partner is not. This leads to the danger of thinking that will eventually spill over into reality. Created this mental Island is the first step to having an affair.

IMMATURE SITUATION ". This is not my problem I deal with it"

This is very similar to a few people we've talked about. However, there is an aspect of this type of attitude that needs to be addressed.

If the spouse is a problem, then you too!

This should be a specific rule for life. This never mate only problem. If you are married to him, then the problem is.

The Companions are not our children. Often, I'll tell my kids flounder or fight through problems, to learn valuable lessons regarding life. My wife, however, is different. If he goes through the problem with treating. Always. Do not tell him to figure out, or that he is the only one to worry about!

If you have a problem, then I will

Folks, this is what marriage is all about. This is a unique type of relationship. You choose a person for this type of connection. This is the most complex of all earthly relationships.

IMMATURE SITUATION: "You always …" or "You never …"

I usually get a good chuckle when I hear it. My family counseling, it is generally the couples that absolute statements on the shortcomings of their spouse.

"Do not you ever think of me!"

"I always come home late!"

"All I want to have sex!"

"the only thing that is important to you kids!"

is a set of rules to follow when they advise couples. Ironically, it is an absolute rule, but it has served me in good stead: ".. Everyone exaggerates the truth is somewhere in between"

I mentioned that once a lady who called me up to tell me all these terrible things to another person. She swore up and down that he never exaggerates. I told him that I had never met someone who does not. He said that he was, you were the first. Come to find out, he is not only outrageously exaggerated, he is, and who is lying.

If you are nervous, you that these statements are just absolutely not true. It is feared that such statements do not, a negative impact on the … for sure, but affected nonetheless.

If someone says, "You always …" This sticks in the gut and remember these words. He begins to harbor resentment, not matter how you make the other person told them the heat of the moment or anger.

Stay away from that wild and outrageous allegations.

seems to be human nature to do this. We drive home the point that without thinking, or to express your feelings. Do you remember the line in the last Star Wars film, The Revenge of the Sith? Obi-Wan Kenobi, compared to the former apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader him. Anakin some comments, and Obi-Wan replied, "Only the Sith deal in absolutes." What is ironic is that the claim that it is an absolute statement … just the Sith? You see, this is what a lot and it's human nature.


Again, this is like a couple of the others above, but in this case I want connected to physical objects in the house.

it's always a bad sign when the assets are distributed to all of you. The table is mine, the sofa is yours, your computer is mine, the bed is yours …

If one, then everything in the house belongs to both of them. Only one owner … the marriage.

Now I understand that an organization can have a sense that his own and his cabinet or dresser drawer. I'm not talking about that. Not talking to each our own clothes or personal stuff. I'm talking about everything else.

Get it in your head that you're married and things will go much better. If you buy a computer, the computer, both me and my wife. Always. Do not worry about what belongs to whom, or upset if he interferes with my stuff. Why should I? This is our stuff.

IMMATURE SITUATION: "I do not have to listen to this!" or "Do not tell me what to do!"

a sure sign of weak or immature marriage, if you or your spouse is not willing to listen to criticism or correction. It's natural to not want to be corrected or hate criticism.

It should be a pretty big boy or girl to the truth about your partner. You do not have to like it. But you ought to be willing to listen, think, and think on it.

So many women out of their husbands about it. Just give up. Many men pummeled their wives trapped in a corner doing the same thing. This is dangerous, immature, childish, and I had to stop.

IMMATURE SITUATION: "This is all your fault!"

Finger pointing and trying to pin each other senseless error. It achieves nothing. The blame game is something that immature people when they feel that they can not win the argument. This is the last option.

Stop. Do not worry about whose fault it. Worry about finding a solution. To be honest, most of us are idiots in this area. We are more interested in defensive position than we are to resolve it. I'm sure the world will be a better place if everyone just agree with you. Well, sir or ma'am, I do, and who will tell. Just do not go "T" happie "that-a-way!

Here's what most people an argument. When the argument starts, there is usually something to be said to cause the other becomes defensive. the result of the defensive response is usually something else to say about the first one caused a defensive reaction to it.

So, if we take away the hill that you will be protected and will begin launching artillery shells in a row. the winner is the one who against artillery longest. who cares about the solution? who cares if we just ignored by the problem to decide who is to blame.

unless you no longer have to worry about who is right and who is wrong, but it will not solve a single thing. Let's be honest, when a relationship is suffering, who cares who is at fault! Fix it!


signs of ten attitude immature marriage. marriage is something infinitely deeper and more complex than any other relationship with you. As a result, the functionality, design and purpose necessary level of maturity that frankly, many people do not have.

This does not mean that you can not learn that yet.

Source by Gregory Baker

If you give me a second chance in a broken engagement?

every celebrity break up and get back together recently, it seems as if the second chance in the air. There is no question that sometimes couples break up for the wrong reasons, and that the second time is the charm. There are times when a relationship ends is the best. Information about when to the broken engagement a second chance.

works in a bridal salon, I saw more than a broken engagement. Fortunately, I've seen some discussions. The best wedding planning advice in those situations is that if a marriage is that, it will work the differences and re-kindle their love. If this does not happen, I'm just glad that broke up before tying the knot. A broken engagement is better than a divorce, or a bad marriage.

The couples who renewed the mandates are typically those who broke up because none of them were quite ready to commit to marriage. These are often younger, perhaps only a part of the college. It's pretty easy to get swept up in the excitement of the wedding jewelry, wedding dresses, and love will begin to flinch as the actual wedding day is approaching. Sometimes it is useful to step back and the perspective on the situation. You might even notice that your relationship is really the right one for you, it is necessary only to move things forward a little more slowly. This is the case where such a broken engagement a second chance can be a good idea, after some time has passed.

Some couples call off an engagement because they are working on things in the past or present traumas. The man who proposes his girlfriend shortly after learning you have a serious illness can find that is concerned, he suggested pity. The same is true when a couple becomes engaged shortly after losing a loved one. These doubts can start to be delayed by a particular person, and that person has a trauma. If the proposals offered in the spirit of true love, not sympathy, it is a relationship that stands a good chance of being saved. Time beginning to soften wounds, and the pair begin to notice that you always belong together.

There are other relationships, they would not be renewed. If you broke off the engagement because her fiance is cheating on you, it is best to take a break and move on. There is no point in back who is not reliable, and thus may be able to send the message you can handle it badly and get away with it. It's not a good thing for the link! Other engagements are broken, because people are starting to realize that the bride is more interested in the trappings of a wedding like fashionable clothes and glittering jewelry such as bridal married her. This again is a sign that the mandate would not be renewed.

Not all so clear when it comes to relationships. Sometimes a man and a woman are very different people. They might love each other passionately, but there is a lot of conflict caused the differences. When we broke up arguing over something stupid, there is a possibility that the relationship is salvageable. The real thing is that if the other person happy, despite the differences, or happier and more relaxed away from him. Distance and time will help this. Ultimately, only a few will decide if it is right that the broken engagement a second chance, and when it is best to go their separate ways.

Source by Bridget Mora

Husband wants an open marriage after his wife admits to sleeping with a man in a bar

So his offer of marriage to an open marriage?

is interesting, to say the least.

Well, where do I start here?

the first thing to do when you decide to play with fire, do not be surprised when you get burned. She decided to cheat on their spouse and there may not be a happy ending like in the movies.

Hopefully, if two people agree to get married this for the long haul. Relationships are not easy, as we all agree there are good and bad things.

came across this thread in a forum Infidelity Love Shack.

The story is told of a wayward wife is sleeping with a stranger in a bar after going out with his girlfriend. This night took place after the "magic" of a handful of fights with her husband. A long time goes by before she finally confesses and explosions (did not see that coming). You think about it a little, sit him down and tell me that he was so disgusted by his actions that he does not want to make love to her again. So she offers him an ultimatum to keep the marriage if she agrees to an open marriage in which sex is accompanied month. ( Now I am also outraged that. ) And if he does not agree, you want to become.


Both sudden decisions. He cheated. He also acted emotions, and came to a negative proposition. Yes, terrible cases but did not make a quick decision on a long-term relationship. The wrong decisions were fast, but not fast healing. There is no quick fix here. The feelings would run for a while no matter what.

My wife cheated on me not too long ago. Before cheated of us were very happy. It was not sparkle as before. Because I've got things definitely got better. Both men reacted more positively with each other and doing what marriage is all about share .


I still feel hurt.

While the raw emotion and the fire burns not add gasoline to the fire. No need to burn all the brighter.

So what would have been a better way to handle this situation (in my opinion)?

What is the betrayed husband had

only made matters worse by the fact that such a ridiculous solution. What does this offer it mean?

  • This means that you have been thinking about having sex with another woman for a while, and now you have found the perfect excuse?
  • What is more important than sex or marriage? What do you expect to happen to the people?
  • Do you think the wife will say. "Yeah, okay, honey, that's for sure Anything to stay with you I was wrong, tell me, and now I have the right to have sex with whomever you want. . I'll just wait right here and dinner for you too. "?

Ridiculous! I want to throw up.

Two wrongs will not be a good one. Life is not logical or reasonable.

What is the errant spouse to do if he really wants to be Married (again in my opinion)

  • Title feelings effectively immediately. It has to be impressive her grief and empathy for the pain. This can only happen actions word and body language .
  • determines that two wrongs do not become a good in their head.
  • do not want cut accusing him of being unfaithful.
  • trusted not to talk about it. It will only ignite the fire has been burning.


Imagine going out late Friday night, a friend of the same again to let him cheat on her husband. BAD IDEA. You have to shoot your friend.


What can be shown that he knows how hurt he must be, and even attempted to give examples of what you think he is feeling. They offer him a way out if things do not work after giving it time to think things out. Reiterate that a quick decision on what started this fiasco to begin with.

Do not stoke the fire, I can get out of control.

Body Language

Do you communicate your feelings and what you think body language more than anything else. I always keep my wife's body language when talking about difficult issues in our relationship who is not ?

Back Offer errant spouse

he should suggest that it will take time, and do nothing for a while. See how they feel later. Now is not the time to talk. Rethink things before speaking. If after a while you do not want to stay, then he may divorce.

brought me a rash choice to cheat. There will not be a quick recording devices sorry. If he wants to leave after taking the time to review, then these consequences.

Source by Orlando Candela

Interestingly Engagement Statistics

Ever wonder how the others stack against the engagement? Do you want to fit in with the crowd, or are you looking to flout it? Do you want to know how many pairs are choosing to live together before marriage? How does this affect the chances of getting their fiftieth wedding anniversary? How many brides are pregnant? How long is the average dedication? Here are some interesting statistics about its commitment to measure yourself against.

Ninety-five percent of women receive an engagement ring, but the number is decreasing. More and more couples are choosing to forgo moral engagement rings, whether for financial reasons. Of those who did not get a ring, eighty percent will own the proposal. In forty-two percent of orders, rings, and she helped me pick the ring, but in most cases, eighty five per cent of the men are still paid for the ring itself. Forty-eight percent of women want their man to surprise them with a proposal, but it's easy to see why Fifty-seven percent of men think ring shopping stressful: twenty-eight percent of women turned down a proposal if the ring Well & # 39; t, what they wanted. Yet, forty-five percent of men do not do research before buying an engagement ring.

The average age of women in the twenty-first marriage. The men had an average age of first marriage for twenty-seven and a half. Two-thirds of women want their partners to ask their fathers' permission to marry. Waiting to save up enough money for the ring of their dreams is a common reason given for postponing commitment. Waiting to save up for a house to the other.

Six percent of the new bride is pregnant, when you walk down the aisle. This trend is on the rise. While the "shotgun wedding" Occurrence used mainly because teenagers and young adults became pregnant out of marriage, many older couples are waiting until we have a bun in the oven to get married because it's a practical reason to get married and start a family.

Seventy percent of the bride on the wedding day diet. Ninety percent of women adopt the surname when married partners. Six percent of men propose over the phone.

A pair of hand, an average of sixteen months before they married. Twenty percent of couples break up before the wedding. Sixty-nine percent of engaged couples know each other for more than three years. Seventy percent of couples live together before marriage, but those who Eighty percent did not make it to the tenth anniversary. Only five percent of all marriages last fifty years.

Less than fifty percent of the couples wedding night sex. The hoteliers argue that the most frequently hear that couples want to have a shower and sleep after a day of wedding festivities. Those that do have sex, eighteen percent lose their virginity wedding night ..

Marriage is made up of much more than just the numbers. No matter the odds, if you concentrate on building a marriage based on trust, partnership, charity, humility and a willingness to try again, you'll have a good chance to make your own opportunities through the years to come.

Source by Alex Lemone

Reasons for Marriage

Why do so many people have decided to get married? Each person has his / personal reasons he decided to tie the knot, as we say in the Caribbean. The first reason stems from the general, neutral feeling of doing the right thing when a young woman becomes pregnant. Neither party wants to be a mom-to-be, in addition to a parent and child marriage; Therefore, they become one and raise the child in a nuclear family. Secondly, the theme of citizenship plays an important role in the decision-making process.

This is in order to have a partner such rights, lives and works in a particular country. Many times there is no relationship to any other party. The guy is financially bribe or encourage the women to help him in getting the "papers" to prevent him from getting deported; thereafter they roam own way.

Another factor that will give you your own counsel on this subject in "a get rich quick" scheme. Here, men and women alike, eager to cash in on this great investment if you decide to use an unsuspecting partner to depend on for life. Targeted singers, independent contractors / business women, actresses or models are among the few people marry for money or material gain. While you might not be forced into marriage, these wealthy people are not aware of the ulterior motives of partners.

Another very important reason for marriage is a religious reasons; In some people, this step is not required. Some religions, even to this day, a serious breech of religion. The partners chosen by their parents, and in most cases, when a guy meets future wife on the day of the wedding. They marry very young, below the age of eighteen, many of them married. As a result, there is no place sexual relations before marriage.

Finally, and most importantly, (drum roll …) is true love. Since many couples are still genuine love, you defy all odds and decide to get married. They undertake to each other in good times and difficulties and are willing to spend the rest of their lives as a unit. Children, wealth, law, or religion, or there will be a decisive factor, but love is enough for them. They will not lose each other, for fear of not finding another of the same characteristics. While there may be some reason morally questionable or simply not stable enough in the recipe for a good marriage, it also meets a lot of people.

Source by Leonie Woodley