10th Signs of marriage in turmoil

March 3, 2017 0 By 112@dmin

I know one when I see one marriage in turmoil. I know that a relationship requires attention when watching one. These are two people that the same amount of effort and energy in the marriage to work. It can not be left to one side, that all it takes to keep the relationship intact. They say it takes two to tango. It takes two to agree on the direction to go, the two walk along a longer distance. Marriage is not forced anyone, but this is a culmination of two consenting adults who have felt in their hearts that this is the direction the desire to. The path, friction can come, you must come, because of the differences between men and women, as well as a variety of backgrounds, the husband and wife can come from. If people can not change another and then chaos begins. This can sometimes degenerate into people go to separation and ultimately divorce. However, this is not the original intention of the marriage to end up in divorce. This assumes that a permanent union of two people in a common purpose.

1. No communication – Communication is a vital element of the union. It helps the two to bond and understand each other's feelings. If there is no communication you can be sure that the relationship will die a natural death. Communication will help the vision of the family. This will help the family grew up

2. There is little or no intimacy – intimacy of a marriage bonus. If you have little or no intimacy, you can muddle beer. Once I got the advice that no matter how much they claim to always solve problems, to avoid stopping the desire for intimacy with your partner. Nothing could be special, but if they both agree.

3. For each work the way you like it – two people together will never be a separate agenda, in which one wakes up thinking about something, go ahead and do it without the consent of the other. The action plans are synchronized and communication really helps in this process.

4. No financial accountability and other issues – Accountability plays a central role in the relationship. Issues of money can bring confusion in marriage

5. No joy in your home – must always be the joy and happiness of the home. The home will never be like a prison, where smiles and happy moments of a rare commodity.

6. Transfer the crust – No liability – If there is a problem in the house, the guilty party shall be responsible for their actions, apologize and move on. When blame is shifted, one of the other all the time, you have turmoil on the horizon.

7. Keeping Secrets – no transparency – There are no sacred cows in marriage. What is a woman, her husband knows, and vice versa. Marriages where the secrets that the sun did not last long.

8. Significant events are not celebrated – Some important dates such as birthdays and wedding anniversary particular. These are important dates, when ignored can cause degradation of the value of marriage.

9. Emphasis is placed on other issues, not the family – sometimes one spouse to switch the focus, and narrows down to work, school and children and the kind of thing that takes them away from your partner . This is completely contrary to the values ​​of a connection, if the share of the life and times. One need only find a balance at all times.

10. Tendency to hangout and connect with ex-girl / boyfriend – If your spouse is living in the past, then he / she is double-minded and do not expect your marriage to last. Obligation to be 100 percent on each side. After the addition of other partners is an adultery and it leads to a divorce.

Source by Rabison Shumba